CNE places great importance on ecological protection, aiming to minimize negative impacts on the environment and foster harmonious development between human and nature.


1.Green development

CNE places great importance on ecological environmental protection and sustainable development. CNE strictly complies with relevant laws and regulations on ecological protection and formulates a whole-process management system. We identify and improve environmental protection management measures to effectively protect the environment and maintain sustainability.

CNE has developed systematic management measures in soil and water conservation,biodiversity protection, environmental monitoring, waste management, and ecological and environmental protection. CNE ensures that the impact on the ecological environment can be avoided or slowed down. It actively identifies the possible impact on the environment in the process of business operation, constantly optimizes the design scheme, improves the construction process, applies new technology and new equipment, and improves environmental protection management measures to effectively protect the ecological environment.


Clean energy development is the key to realizing China's carbon-neutral goal. CNE is deeply committed to the clean energy sector and seizes the opportunity of China's peak emissions and carbon-neutral goal.CNE explores businesses related to the renewable energy industry chain to help China improve its energy consumption structure and achieve carbon neutrality. Throughout the entire life cycle of clean energy development, CNE improves the standards of environmental protection measures. This is achieved by optimizing design, improving techniques and technologies, adopting intelligent operations, and carrying out education and training. These efforts ensure the supply of clean energy without compromising the ecological system and help protect the environment, including lucid waters and lush mountains.

3.Green operation

CNE focuses on green operation by integrating the concept of resource conservation into daily management. CNE practices energy conservation and emission reduction through energy-saving transformations, digital office initiatives, energy conservation concept publicity, and the usage of new energy equipment. These measures aim to improve the efficiency of resource use. In terms of green publicity and guidance, CNE promotes the concept of green life and popularizes relevant knowledge to the public and employees. In the meantime, encourages a low-carbon lifestyle, and actively participates in environmental welfare activities.

In 2022, for the first time, CNE calculated GHG emissions of wholly-owned companies in China by international standards (Greenhouse Gas Protocol and ISO 14064-1:2018). The calculation followed the principles of relevance, completeness, consistency, transparency, and accuracy. All data is true, reliable, and traceable. The Scope 1 emissions were 1,646.91 tCO2e, the Scope 2 emissions were 7,605.05 tCO2e, and the Scope 3 emissions were 5,297.43 tCO2e. Among them, the emissions of Categories 4, 6, and 7 were 3,151.90 tCO2e, 1,119.04 tCO2e, and 1,026.50 tCO2e, respectively.