CNE actively embraces its corporate social responsibility by prioritizing people and creating shared value within society.


1.Humanistic care

As a responsible enterprise, CNE respects every employee, protects their rights and interests, and places importance on their career growth, personal development, and physical and mental health. CNE adheres to the concept of diversity and inclusion, focusing on the diverse development of employees. We eliminate discrimination, harassment, and other inequities, fully implements gender equality policies, ensures equal pay for equal work, and strive to provide a diverse and non-discriminatory working environment.CNE also provides channels for employees to report violations of female employees' rights and interests while maintaining the confidentiality of whistle-blowers.

CNE follows the development idea of the "talent-based enterprise" and establishes Hierarchical Training Plans and Special Training Plans for employees at different levels. CNE encourages employees to expand their knowledge and skills, obtain professional qualifications, and improve their professional abilities through integral incentives, regular tracking, and examinations for learning. Furthermore, CNE establishes and enhances a comprehensive incentive system that covers various dimensions. This system includes human resources matters such as salary, benefits, career development, job satisfaction, retaining, development, and talent motivation. These functions align with the talent development strategy. CNE also facilitates performance improvement and pursues win-win results for bothCNE and its employees.

CNE has set up grievance mechanisms for employees and has established and published related procedures to define the scope and process of grievances. We also established a supporting mechanism for confidentiality and protection to help employees safeguard their legitimate rights and interests.

CNE provides comprehensive non-remuneration benefits for employees. Various benefits and subsidies are offered to enhance employees' happiness and belonging. Additionally, CNE also organizes various employee care activities to promote their well-being and increase cohesion.

2.Safety management

CNE always prioritizes safety in all work operations. We adhere to the principle of "safety first and prevention as a priority" and continually improve the safety management network in terms of organization, systems, practices, supervision, risk management, and emergency response to ensure the safety of employees.

CNE implements a hierarchical control mechanism for safety management and builds a multi-level safety management structure. We assign safety responsibilities to all levels and controls and eliminate safety hazards. To ensure that safety management is well equipped, CNE continuously revises and improves relevant management systems and strengthens safety and quality management requirements at project sites.CNE has also established a digital safety control system that is applied at all plants and stations.

CNE places great importance on the occupational health and safety of employees. We develop an occupational health management system, implement measures to prevent occupational disease hazards and protect the occupational health and safety of employees. CNE also emphasizes the safety management of contractors, managing the entire process of contractor screening, on-site training, evaluation, and assessment to reduce safety risks and prevent contractor accidents.

3.Community cooperation

While focusing on the development of clean energy, CNE continues to strive to contribute to society. CNE integrates social responsibility into its corporate development strategy by investing in the new energy industry and local infrastructure construction. This investment creates more job opportunities for local residents, promotes local public utilities, develops the local economic, and contributes to rural revitalization.

CNE places great importance on education. We focus on children’s development and their education. CNE is committed to fostering school-enterprise cooperation and supporting talent training in the new energy industry and society through educational investments.