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2022-11-24 15:22

Concord New Energy actively undertakes its corporate social responsibility, by putting people first and creating shared value.





1.Humanistic care


As a responsible enterprise, Concord New Energy respects every employee, protects the rights and interests of employees, and attaches importance to the career growth, personal growth and physical and mental health of employees. The Group adheres to the concept of diversity and inclusion, pays attention to the diverse development of employees, eliminates discrimination, harassment and other inequities, fully implements the gender equality policy, adheres to equal pay for equal work, and is committed to providing a diverse and non-discriminatory working environment. In addition, the Group provides channels for employees to report violations of female employees’ rights and interests, and keep the identities of whistle-blowers confidential.


The Group adheres to the development idea of “talent-based enterprise”, builds Hierarchical Training Plans and Special Training Plans for employees at different levels. The Group encourages employees to expand their boundary of knowledge and skills, obtain professional qualifications and improve their professional ability through integral incentives, regular tracking and examinations for learning promotion. Meanwhile, the Group establishes and improves a comprehensive incentive system involving various dimensions. Considering remuneration, benefits, career development and happiness at work, the Group works hard to attract, retain, develop and motivate talents to promote our talent development strategy. Besides, the Group facilitate the performance improvement and pursue win-win result for the Group and employees.


The Group has set up the grievance mechanisms for employees and established and published related mechanism to define the scope and procedure of grievance, and established a supporting confidentiality and protection mechanism to help employees safeguard their legitimate rights and interests.


The Group provides sound non-remuneration benefits for employees. Various benefits and subsidies are offered to improve employees’ sense of happiness and belonging at work. At the same time, the Group organizes various employee care activities to raise their sense of happiness.


2.Safety management


Concord New Energy always puts safety in the first place in all work, sticks to the idea of “safety first and prevention as a priority”, and continuously improves the safety management network from the aspects of organization, system, practice, supervision, risk, emergency response and safety culture, to ensure the safety of employees.


The Group implements a hierarchical control mechanism for safety management, builds a multi-level safety management structure, assigns safety responsibilities to all levels, and controls and eliminates safety hazards. To ensure that safety management has evidence to rely on, the Group continues to revise and improve the relevant management system and strengthen the project site safety and quality management requirements. Meanwhile, the Group established a digital safety control system and applied it at all plants and stations.


The Group attaches great importance to the occupational health and safety of employees, actively builds an occupational health management system, implements occupational disease hazard prevention measures, and protects the occupational health and safety of employees. The Group also attaches importance to the safety management of contractors, and manages the whole process of contractor screening, on-site training, evaluation and assessment to reduce safety risks and prevent and reduce contractor occurrence of contractor accidents.


3.Community cooperation



While focusing on the development of clean energy, Concord New Energy continues to strive to give back to society. The Group integrates social responsibility into its corporate development strategy, invests in the new energy industry and local infrastructure construction, provides more job opportunities for local residents, promotes local public utilities and economic development, and contributes to rural revitalization. 


The Group attaches great importance to investment in the field of education, pays attention to children and education, insists on donations, school-enterprise cooperation, and helps the talent training of the new energy industry and society through education investment.

Sustainable Development Policies of Concord New Energy: