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Assets Management

Professional service boosts the value of renewable energy assets.

Beijing Concord Operation and Maintenance Wind Power Technology Co., Ltd. (Concord O&M) is a leading comprehensive technology and service company in the renewable energy industry.

Founded in 2007, it has over 16 years’ of experience in operation and maintenance, asset management and technical services for renewable power plants. Concord O&M currently has a global portfolio of more than 25 GW.

Concord O&M provides data-driven one-stop solutions such as equipment early warning, intelligent diagnosis, maintenance decisions, on-site O&M, retrofit and optimization, spare parts supply, etc. to power generation equipment, power transmission and transformation equipment, and integrated energy systems.

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Intelligent energy

Power+ new energy digital sharing platform provides an effective grip for lean operation and maintenance of new energy power plants.

To achieve the entire process closed-loop management, and enable the operation of new energy power plants to be transparent, standardized and intelligent through the integration of online and offline services.

Case 1:

Cloud solution

In Yunnan 30MW project, “Electricity Loss and Fault Location Model”,POWER+ Cloud Platform -Photovoltaic Power Cloud Solution accurately positioned 243 locations affecting electricity in one year, and the problems involved grass shading, sensor failure, hot spots and hidden cracks, etc.; in Hunan 48MW project, Cloud Platform Wind Power Cloud Solution “Yaw Diagnosis Application for Wind Error Problem” discovered a total of 8 devices with large yaw angle. The precise positioning of the cloud platform can effectively discover the equipment under the fallback state and improve the operating efficiency of the equipment.

Case 2:

big data management platform

In the electricity distribution and sales business, the big data management platform of POWER+ cloud platform is an important technical means to realize the intelligent energy services. By mastering the energy consumption of customers and integrating with the local energy environment, we developed the energy distribution plan with the highest utilization efficiency and most friendly to the environment, so as to solve the energy consumption problems of customers and even the local area. We established and developed the big data management platform to realize the efficient use of energy, reduce the energy cost of enterprises, and improve the level and quality of energy services. In the preliminary design of a park micro-grid project, we planned a multi-energy complementary energy supply system, including new energy sources such as the combined cooling, heating and power supply (CCHP) of natural gas, photovoltaic roof and micro-wind turbines to realize clean and efficient energy supply for the park; Meanwhile, we will design and develop “POWER+” micro-grid information management service platform, multi-energy complementary coordination and optimization scheduling, distributed energy management system, integrated energy storage management system, demand-side integrated management control system, and electricity sales and multi-energy trading system, so as to realize the electricity trading between micro-grid and large grid and between energy supplier and demander in the park, the intelligent control of energy supply in the park and demand-side management of load in the park.

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Power Generation Equipment, Power Transmission & Transformation Equipment, and Integrated Energy Systems

Asset Management Asset Management

Asset Management

  • Operation & Maintenance

    Wind Turbines

    Wind Power Booster Station

    Energy Storage Power Plant

    Photovoltaic Power Plant

    Integrated Energy Systems

  • Retrofit & Optimisation

    Defect Management

    Protection Upgrades

    Power Performance Improvements

    Advanced Treatment

  • Parts & Repair

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Digital Solutions Digital Solutions

Digital Solutions

  • Digital Platforms

    Data Acquisition

    O&M App

    Intelligent Analysis

    Data Centre

    Monitoring System

    Pre-Warning System

  • Digital Services

    Warranty Assessment

    Assets Monitoring

    Due Diligence

    Post-Operational Evaluation

    Post-Retrofit Evaluation

  • Construction Of Unmanned Power Plant

Power Trading  Services Power Trading  Services

Power Trading Services

  • Asset Management Services

    Settlement Price Guarantee Service

    Transaction Price Guarantee Service

  • "Power Market Advisory Services"

    Trading Strategy Diagnosis

    Trading Consultation

    Price Consultation

    Data Services

    Trading Training

  • The "Lingfeng" Power Trading Platform

    Intelligence Summary

    AI Trading Strategy

    Review Analysis

    Clearing & Settlement Management

    Risk Management

Carbon Assets Services Carbon Assets Services

Carbon Assets Services

  • Carbon Management Consulting

    Carbon Accounting and Reporting

    Carbon Assets Management

    Carbon Finance

    Carbon Neutral Services

  • Carbon Assets Development Services





  • "Green Electricity Certificates(IREC) Development & Trading"