Energy Efficiency Policy

Updates on 01 Jun,2023

I. Purpose

Concord New Energy Group Limited ("the Group") is committed to developing and providing premium clean energy resources to help cut carbon emissions, while seeking to improve energy efficiency and reduce carbon emissions in its own business.

II. Energy Conservation Philosophy

Adhere to green operations and advocate for sustainable living, while integrating energy conservation practices into daily management to improve energy efficiency.

III. Energy Conservation Practices

• Incorporate energy efficiency into business operations such as design, construction, management, and maintenance;

• Adopt various means to promote the idea of energy conservation and environmental protection, raise employees' awareness of energy conservation and environmental protection, and encourage practices of energy conservation and environmental protection;

• Harness the power of new technologies and products to improve energy efficiency;

• Advocate for paperless office to reduce the use of paper in the workplace;

• Improve workplace management by adopting energy-saving equipment to reduce energy consumption;

• Procure new energy electric vehicles to replace conventional vehicles and implement a dedicated vehicle management mechanism to reduce fuel consumption in official vehicles;

• Establish a waste recycling and reuse system;

• Take account of energy efficiency in procurement, and encourage suppliers to implement energy conservation measures.

IV. Policy Review

The Group will conduct necessary reviews of the Policy at regular intervals.