Safety Policy

Updates on 01 Jun,2023

I. Purpose

Concord New Energy Group Limited ("the Group") always puts safety in the first place, and adheres to the safety management principle of “safety first, prevention as a priority, and integrated management.” The Group forms an all-round and comprehensive safety management network that covers organization, system, supervision, risk, emergency response, practice, supervision and safety culture to fully protect the safety of its employees. 

The formulation and revision of this Policy are carried out through discussions and communication involving the Group's dedicated occupational health and safety staff and relevant stakeholders.

II. Applicability

This Policy applies to all employees of Concord New Energy Group Limited and its subsidiaries, as well as individuals subject to the Group’s oversight. The Group also encourages suppliers and contractors to comply with this Policy.

III. Commitment

The Group is committed to strictly comply with the requirements of occupational health and safety related laws and regulations to carry out safety management work and continue to improve the health and safety management system.

IV. Management System

The Group adopts a hierarchical control mechanism for safety management, builds a multi-level safety management structure consisting of the Safety Management Committee, the Safety and Environmental Protection Supervision Department and various business units to implement safety responsibilities at all levels, establishes a safety reporting system, holds safety work meetings regularly, and closely follows a principle of “safety first with emphasis on prevention and overall control.”

V. Specific Measures

• Develop safety management measures and establish a safety management system in line with national or international standards;

• Determine safety management objectives and implement them level by level, regularly monitor the implementation of safety targets and management measures, and constantly improve safety management level;

• Implement a responsibility system for safe production and define the responsibilities of those in charge of safety management at all levels;

• Establish an emergency planning system and carry out emergency drills;

• Establish a work system of safety supervision, carry out safety evaluations, safety inspections, analysis of dangerous points, identification of sources of danger, technical supervision, defect management, reliability analysis, etc., to review safety risk factors and assesses risk levels within the Group.

• Corresponding risk mitigation plans are developed based on risk factors and risk levels, such as draw up anti-accident measures, and prioritize risk mitigation plans to ensure adequate resource allocation, to minimize safety risks and occupational health hazards to employees and interested parties;

• The Group’s human resources and business management departments hold regular discussion on identified occupational health and safety related risks, risk mitigation plans and the effectiveness of safety management measures implemented by the Group in order to continuously optimize the Group's occupational health and safety management capabilities.

• Carry out safety education and training, including safety training programs, safety months, safety days, regular safety meetings, safety inspections and safety briefings, to improve safety skills and awareness and promote safety culture;

• Implement strict safe work procedures and operate in absolute accordance with procedures for construction safety;

• Keep contractor safety under strict supervision and incorporate health and safety management into the assessment and evaluation of construction contractors;

• Strictly implement the system of workplace fire protection and continuously improve the workplace environment to provide a safe and comfortable working environment.

• Include interested parties in the safety management system, oversee the observance of safety policies by all parties, and make information public.

VI. Policy Review

The Group will conduct necessary reviews of the Policy at regular intervals. The ESG Committee oversees and supervises the implementation of this Policy and maintains timely updates to it.