CNE won the award of "Best Energy and Resource Company"

News Updates 27 Dec,2022

On December 19, 2022, the 7th Zhitong Financial Listed Company Selection was held in Hangzhou, China, and Concord New Energy Group (hereinafter referred to as CNE) (00182. HK) won the "Best Energy and Resource Company" award.

The "Best Energy and Resources Company" aims to commend energy and resources listed companies in Hong Kong and the United States that have a healthy corporate governance structure, significant industry status, good main business and can provide investors with sustainable and stable value returns. The award of "Best Energy and Resource Company" for CNE shows that the industry and investors pay high attention to the renewable energy industry and highly recognize the comprehensive strength and sustainable development ability of CNE.

After two months of strict screening, the "Listed Company Selection" attracted more than 1000 Hong Kong and US listed companies to participate in the conference and register, covering both traditional industries such as energy, finance, automobile, industrial manufacturing, and emerging industries leading China's economic transformation, such as communications, chip manufacturing, the Internet, medical and pharmaceutical.

In the selection, the expert committee will give a score according to the performance growth, industry ranking, corporate governance, business model, market influence, capital market performance and other factors of the enterprise in the past year, and select the final winner with the corresponding public voting weight.