Company Profile

Company Profile

Tianjin Green Energy International Leasing Co., Ltd. (Green Energy Leasing), established in 2013 with a registered capital of RMB 1 billion, is a wholly-owned subsidiary of CNE (0182.HK).

Building upon the industry experiences and professional talent accumulated by the Group in the new energy sector over the years, Green Energy Leasing has transitioned from industry to finance. We have adopted the "industry + finance" strategy and focused on sub-sectors such as distributed photovoltaic, distributed wind power, and energy storage. Green Energy Leasing aims to address the financing challenges faced by small and medium-sized power station owners. Green Energy Leasing has developed a customized product plan that prioritizes asset evaluation and is supplemented by credit evaluation.

Through our efforts, Green Energy Leasing has successfully provided financing exceeding RMB 2.5 billion to dozens of private small and medium-sized power station investors.

Core Strategy

A participant deeply involved in the new energy industry.

Green Energy Leasing, based on an in-depth study of the common needs of customers in the new energy sector and an expansion of its service scope, has collaborated with the Group's Design Institute (listed on the New Third Board, holding a Grade B qualification in new energy power generation specialty in the power industry), Engineering Company (holding a Grade II qualification for general contracting of power engineering construction), and Operation and Maintenance Company (the largest third-party new energy power station operation and maintenance company in China).

With the dual drive of industry and finance and synergistic development, we have established a comprehensive service team to provide optimal solutions for the development of customers in the new energy industry. This collaboration enables us to offer a complete package of services and expertise, ensuring that our customers receive the best possible support for their new energy projects.

A participant deeply involved in the new energy industry.
A financial service provider in the renewable energy industry.

A financial service provider in the renewable energy industry.

Green Energy Leasing is one of the earliest companies in China's financial industry to engage in financial business from the perspective of the renewable energy sector. Green Energy Leasing has deep roots in the renewable energy industry and systematically serves customers within this industry. Green Energy Leasing aims to establish strong cooperative relationships with customers and this concept has made us an important provider of financial resources in the new energy industry.

As Green Energy Leasing continues to grow, our development strategy of "industry + finance" remains vibrant and multifaceted. What remains constant is our dedication to keeping pace with customers in the renewable energy industry, constantly innovating, and implementing reforms to contribute to the achievement of the "dual carbon" goal.

Cooperation Scenarios

Industry classification-Focus on "distributed" in the new energy industry.

User-side new energy projects

-Distributed photovoltaic projects invested by three parties and self-invested by owners

-User-side energy storage power stations and comprehensive energy projects

-Distributed photovoltaic projects seeking investors

New energy projects with full on-grid

-Household, industrial and commercial roof photovoltaic decentralized wind power

-Hybrid-energy complementary photovoltaic power stations such as agriculture/fishery photovoltaic

Other emerging new energy fields

-Charging piles and power exchange projects

-Independent shared energy storage projects

-Gas power generation and other new energy projects

Industry classification-Focus on
Classification of capital needs - A broader cooperation scenario.

Classification of capital needs - A broader cooperation scenario.

Long-term debt funds

-lending during the construction period  or after the grid connection.

Joint investment in stocks and bonds

-Utilizing exclusive funds and other forms to address specific funding requirements.

Selling construction period funds after completion

-Settlement of Build-Transfer (BT) or Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT) projects by the acquirer.

Product Services

  • Product Services
  • Product Services

Service Advantages

  • Financing interest rate

    Financing interest rate

    The annual interest rate is as low as 5%~8%

  • Financing quota

    Financing quota

    Higher total amount and single-watt financing amount, fully covered cash flow

  • Examination and approval efficiency

    Examination and approval efficiency

    Intervening in the project at an earlier stage and simplifying procedures

  • Lending node

    Lending node

    Providing loans in the early stage of construction without prepayment

  • Financing period

    Financing period

    5-10 years

  • Entry threshold

    Entry threshold

    Available for both natural persons and small and medium-sized private enterprises

  • Flexible scheme

    Flexible scheme

    Customized scheme with a higher capital utilization rate

  • Supporting services

    Supporting services

    Providing power station grid-connected detection and "Power +" smart energy cloud platform