Edge Power wins the title of 2023 “Juneng Cup” Outstanding Energy Storage Enterprise

News Updates 04 Mar,2024

A grand meeting themed “Energy Storage Market 2024 Kick-off” was held in Beijing on March 1, bringing together more than 300 experts and scholars from research institutions, centrally-administered energy developers, energy storage equipment manufacturers, and the academia.

At the meeting, Edge Power won the title of 2023 “Juneng Cup” Outstanding Energy Storage Enterprise for its remarkable achievements in energy storage equipment manufacturing. This award not only marked a recognition of Edge Power’s outstanding performance in equipment manufacturing, but also highlighted its leading position in the energy storage industry.

Ma Zhichao, marketing supervisor of Edge Power, delivered a keynote speech titled “Thinking on Professional Manufacturing Services amid the Rapid Development of Energy Storage” at the meeting. In the speech, Ma gave an in-depth analysis to the development trends of the energy storage industry as well as the challenges it faces, and elaborated on Edge Power’s rich experience and insights in the manufacturing and engineering service of source-grid-side energy storage DC products, drawing huge interest from participants.

Against the backdrop of overall price drop in the energy storage industry, Edge Power still continues to increase software and hardware investment, equipping its production line with the 100% cell feeding automatic detection system, ring spot welders, automatic welding detection system, screw indenting and automatic feeding system, smart 3D warehouse, AGV transfer vehicles, etc. Those highly automatic manufacturing equipment and systems help improve product quality, reduce errors caused by manual operation and detection, and enhance production efficiency and product quality consistency and stability. In addition, Edge Power also utilizes information technologies such as the ERP+WMS+MES systems to monitor and control production, which ensure that the equipment status and product quality data are visible, controllable and traceable throughout the whole process, ranging from order acquisition to raw materials, manufacturing, testing, and other links.

The information system

The welding system

The screw fixation system

Online monitoring

High-reliability production line

Smart 3D warehouse

AGV transfer carts

In terms of safety, Edge Power’s 3D warehouse adopts advanced automatic fire monitoring and immersive firefighting system. Thus, it can meet the requirements of battery storage and improve the safety of batteries stored there. In terms of DC cabin testing, the manufacturing base of Edge Power is equipped with an dedicated test area equipped with independent fire detection and sprinkler systems, which can not only eliminate the impact of the heat generated by test equipment on the ambient temperature of products, but also minimize the hidden risks of fire occurrence and spread.

The firefighting system

In addition, Edge Power boasts a strict quality test and control process before products leave the factory. Thanks to the company’s self-developed DC cabin comprehensive test platform, the efficiency and accuracy of pre-delivery product quality testing are effectively improved. During the testing process, all the test data of the DC cabin will be uploaded to the MES system in real time to realize the data control and tracking of the whole process, and ensure the reliability of product quality and the transparency of the production process. These measures not only improve the efficiency of product testing, but also provide customers with products of higher safety.

Edge Power’s self-developed DC cabin comprehensive test platform

Moreover, the company attaches great importance to environment-friendliness of the manufacturing process. Measures such as intelligent energy management and the use of green electricity make the production process green and sustainable, further demonstrating the company’s corporate social responsibility and commitment to environmental protection.

Relying on these innovative practices and technological advancements, coupled with mature project management processes and close collaboration with full-time project managers, Edge Power is able to provide customers with comprehensive and efficient OEM/ODM manufacturing services and ensure rapid response to customer needs and reliable product delivery. The company’s strict quality management system and technological innovation have set a new standard for the industry and reflected its endless pursuit of excellent product quality.

In the future, Edge Power will continue to devote itself to improving its manufacturing and service capabilities in terms of energy storage DC-side products, so as to provide clients with more professional, reliable and efficient manufacturing services.