CNE’s S&P ESG rating enhanced for two straight years, ranking higher than 84% of its peers worldwide

News Updates 11 Jan,2024

According to the latest results of the S&P Global Corporate Sustainability Assessment (CSA), the ESG score of CNE improved by 20 points to 62 last year (the average score of the industry is 34), achieving a growth for two consecutive years. At present, CNE’s S&P CSA score has surpassed 84% of its peers worldwide, with a year-on-year increase of 9%.

As one of the world's largest corporate sustainability assessment systems, the S&P CSA measures enterprises’ performance of ESG factors with financial significance from the economic, social and environmental perspectives, and its assessment results serve as an important reference for all stakeholders.

In 2023, under the guidance of its sustainable development strategy, CNE launched a special work and made a significant improvement in areas such as climate change strategy, customer relationship management, privacy protection, talent attraction and retention, and human rights.

Moreover, CNE’s ESG rating increased from A to AA in the 2023 Wind ESG assessment, ranking fourth among domestic enterprises in the new energy industry.

The improvement of CNE’s rank in many authoritative rating lists demonstrates that the group’s sustainable development concept and its efforts to fulfill social responsibilities have earned high recognition from the capital market. In the future, CNE will continue to strengthen the implementation of its sustainable development strategy, further promote the popularization and application of sustainable energy, and make greater contributions to building a cleaner and low-carbon future.