Pioneer Enterprise | Edge Power wins 2023 Excellent Energy Storage Enterprise Award

News Updates 11 Jan,2024

On January 8, the 2024 China Energy Storage CEO Conference and the qualifiers of the 8th International Energy Storage Innovation Competition were held at the Guangzhou Baiyun International Convention Center, at which Edge Power won the 2023 Excellent Energy Storage Enterprise Award. The conference was hosted by the China Energy Storage Alliance (CNESA) and the National-Local New Energy Storage Innovation Center, under the guidance of the Guangdong Provincial Development and Reform Commission and the China Energy Research Society.

The award ceremony of the qualifiers of the 8th International Energy Storage Innovation Competition


Edge Power is a wholly-owned subsidiary of CNE (0182.HK), an international renewable energy power generation enterprise. It focuses on the design of new electrical storage systems and the manufacturing of energy storage products for power grids and industrial and commercial applications. The company is committed to developing and manufacturing long-life, high-safety new electrical energy storage systems, and providing users with timely operation guarantee and integrated system solutions. With technological innovation, unique positioning and continuous improvement of overseas project development capabilities, Edge Power stood out of its peers in the energy storage industry and won the 2023 Excellent Energy Storage Enterprise Award.

Edge Power wins the 2023 Excellent Energy Storage Enterprise Award


A representative of Edge Power receives the award


Focusing on R&D: Technological Innovation Drives Enterprise Progress

The experts of the jury highly affirmed the investment of Edge Power in technology R&D. In Wuhan, Edge Power built an 800-square-meter comprehensive testing and evaluation laboratory equipped with charging and discharging equipment, reliability environmental simulation equipment and other instruments and meters, which can carry out component evaluation and testing as well as product verification.

The Wuhan laboratory of Edge Power


Edge Power has cooperated with the Fire Institute of China Academy of Building Research to conduct all-round research on fire detection and early warning for energy storage systems, electrical fire fault warning, safety linkage control systems and emergency treatment, and put forward applicable and economical solutions for fire prevention and control in energy storage power stations.

In addition, upholding the concept of taking technological innovation as the core driving force, Edge Power has integrated the 12-year industrial experience accumulated by the battery safety laboratory of the School of Vehicle and Mobility, Tsinghua University into the deep learning framework, building the first large-scale pre-trained model PERB1.0 for battery time series data and the industry’s first battery anomaly detection framework (vGRU) that fuses mechanism and data. It achieves a high detection rate and a low false alarm rate in solving the technical problem of anomaly detection of time series data with pseudo-periodic zero labels, which has been proven effective in multi-dataset verification.

A representative of Edge Power at a Q&A session


Unique Positioning: Providing Professional Manufacturing Services

Meanwhile, the experts of the jury recognized the unique positioning of Edge Power in the industry, saying that based on a clear positioning, it has found the right direction and will embrace bright prospects in the market in the future. Relying on its manufacturing service capabilities and high-reliability production lines, Edge Power provides customers with professional DC-side OEM and ODM services. The company’s manufacturing in Bozhou City, Anhui Province, covers an area of 12,500 square meters, and adopts advanced intelligent manufacturing technology to ensure the consistency, high reliability and stable quality of energy storage systems it produces. Moreover, Edge Power’s manufacturing bases in Xuzhou, Jiayuguan and other places are under preparation and construction, with an annual PACK production capacity of 10GWh and an annual DC cabin integrated capacity of 5GWh.

The manufacturing base of Edge Power in Bozhou City, Anhui Province


Going Overseas: Exploring the Global Market

It is noteworthy that Edge Power has also demonstrated strong project development and construction capabilities in the international market. With the implementation of CNE’s “going global” strategy, Edge Power has set up branch offices and successfully carried out energy storage projects in many countries and regions, providing professional and reliable energy storage products and manufacturing services for local power grids and users. The experts of the jury spoke highly of Edge Power’s positioning and deployment in overseas markets. They noted that Edge Power will show excellent strength and influence in the international market by effectively integrating the strengths of CNE and accurately locating its target markets and customers.

Edge Power’s unique business model and innovative technical solutions won high recognition and praise from judges at the competition, and finally stood out of the contestants. The recognition from the CNESA and industry experts will definitely encourage Edge Power to forge ahead along the path of exploration, constantly improve its manufacturing capacity and reduce costs through technological innovation, and provide professional and high-quality manufacturing services for corporate clients in the industry.