Recruitment Process

Step 1: Recruitment needs generation.----Factors such as business strategy needs, HR planning, and exploration of new areas.


Step 2: Recruitment needs clarification. ----Recruitment needs shall be raised by the business department and analyzed, reviewed by the HR department, and then approved by senior leaders;


Step 3: Recruitment planning.----Recruitment project initiation, job prioritization, system recruitment strategy, and selection of recruitment channels;


Step 4: Talent acquisition. ----Recruitment needs release, talent resume receipt, resume screening and assessment, preliminary communication and evaluation;


Step 5: Interview assessment. ----Pre-interview preparation, preliminary interview or re-interview and interview evaluation, posting and salary fixing;


Step 6: Offer approval. ----Formation of offer plan, communication of offer plan, determination of onboarding time, formal offer notification;


Step 7: Background check.----Determination of background check requirements for key positions, collection of candidates’ information and background check reports, and notification of background check results.